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The Right Way to Quit Your Job

You’ve just been offered an amazing job, with a great salary, benefits, and cool co-workers. There’s just one problem: you already have a job. Although it might be tempting to check out at your old job, not give sufficient notice, or tell your boss off, there are numerous reasons why it’s better to take the […]

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Top Three Trends For CFOs In 2014

Courtesy of Internal controls, big data and the skills gap top the list of trends that will impact CFOs in 2014. Though internal controls have long been in a finance chief’s job description, the focus on technology and human capital shows just how diverse the CFO’s job is becoming.  Here a few tips on […]

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3 Things You Can Learn From a Candidate’s Social Media Profile

Accounting and finance is one of the top industries suffering from a talent shortage, according to 2013 findings. Financial hiring managers have the increasingly more difficult task of keeping up with the growing demand for more finance workers with soft skills, like communication and leadership, beyond the number crunching. With social media, hiring managers have […]

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