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10 Ways to Prepare for Common Job Interview Questions

Job interviews can be tricky, even to the most practiced professional. ┬áHere are 10 ways to prepare for the most common job interview questions. #1 – Do your homework. Do you know anything about the company your applied for? One of the biggest complaints of hiring managers is that many job candidates know very little […]

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5 Accounting Trends to Watch in 2015

The face of accounting and the financial industry has been undergoing significant and rapid changes each year as technology and regulatory issues increasingly change the role of accountants. For employers to remain competitive in the business world, they must not only keep up with market trends, but be prepared to analyze and innovate the data […]

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What Skills Make A Good Financial Analyst?

The skills of the top financial analysts are much more wide reaching than those that are simply numbers related. Financial analysts hold a great deal of responsibility, as they are trusted by others to provide valuable recommendations for investments and other financial decisions. Go beyond the prerequisite financial certifications and background, and look for these […]

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