Advice to Long-Term Unemployed

It is unfortunate that our country’s unemployment rates are at an all time high.  But keep in mind, just because you are unemployed, doesn’t mean you can’t move ahead.  Use this time wisely.  A potential employer will ask about the gap in time listed on your resume.  Here are some suggestions to turn your down time into some impressive time!

Our advice to the long-term unemployed:

  • Update or keep your skills current.  Look for on-line courses.  Research local not-for-profits who might be offering free training.  Include your new training in your resume and cover letter.
  • Volunteer.  Seek volunteer opportunities that fit your skills — then include that volunteer activity on your resume.  Whether you’re being paid or not, you’re gaining experience!  Volunteering is very respectable option in the eyes of a future employer.
  • Get social.  If you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet, now’s the time to do it!  Research and connect with your old colleagues.  Recruiters may use LinkedIn to find candidates for non-advertised jobs.
  • Keep structure to your days.  You might not be able to include it on your resume, but spend your time networking and researching potential opportunities.  Attending local business card exchanges or networking events will add helpful new business contacts.  Don’t forget to connect with them on LinkedIn.
  • Everyday, present yourself as if you are meeting a potential employer.  Your body language speaks louder than words!
  • Stay positive!  Positive people return to the work force faster than negative people.  You don’t want to run into your interviewer on the street with a disappointing attitude!
  • Finally, consider a temporary position.  These jobs can be included on your resume. You’ll be earning money.  You’ll be gaining resume-worthy experience.  And you may get hired on once the employer gains confidence in this recovery!  Contact Aspire’s Staffing Partners today to get started!